Found your dream home? We will make the financing part stress-free and straightforward.

Diaspora Mortgage is a residential or construction Loan which finances the borrower’s house purchase or construction.  Every aspect of this loan has been designed to help you realize your dream of owning a house

Mortgage loan facility (purchase or construction) at 15 years with a possibility to increase to 20 years

15% interest rate per annum 


To be eligible for a COGEBANQUE Diaspora Mortgage, the borrower has to:

  • Be an employee with a long-term Contract or having rented house/ houses. 
  • Have had a regular monthly income for the last 3 months. 
  • Be willing to commit up to 50% of their monthly household income to cover monthly repayments. 
  • Have a clean Credit Reference Bureau report. 
  • Commit to domicile joint income (house hold income) to COGEBANQUE. 
  • Provide evidence that the house to be financed conforms to approved city master plan.


  • The Loan for purchase or renovation of residential property is given at an interest rate of 15%.
  • For houses under construction, borrower could apply for a mortgage upon completion of the house.
  • Loan repayment duration is 5 to 15 Years (with possibility to extend up to 20 years) •Flexible amortization schedule depending on income. 
  • The property purchased or built is taken as security. 
  • The processing fee of this loan is FRW 25,000 tax exclusive and the management fee is 0.5% on a reduced basis. 
  • The property must be insured against perils to protect the interest of the lender and borrower. 
  • Repayment is linked to household income; and no more than 50% of the household income can be considered. 
  • A down-payment of 10% to 20% will be required