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This packaged solution encompasses a portfolio of products and services uniquely designed for Non Resident Rwandans.

COGEBANQUE is pleased to initiate strong business relationships with Rwandans living abroad by always offering remarkable financial services to meet their needs.

Domestic banking operationsPricing
Account opening Free of charge
Account maintenance fees in local currencyFrw 1,000
Account maintenance fees in foreign currencyUSD 2 Or Euro 2
Buying foreign currency (USD TO FRW)Negotiable daily
Selling foreign currency (FRW to USD)Negotiable daily
Commissions on cash withdrawal (of FCY) when cash bankedFree of charge
Commissions on cash withdrawal (of FCY) when received via transfer 1% of the withdrawn amount 
International banking Operations
Outgoing transfers FCY CommissionFlat fee of USD 20
Swift chargesFRW 15,000
Incoming transfer commission Free of charge
Online banking 
Internet banking FRW 1,000 per month
View account informationFree of charge
Download account statements (PDF, Excel, ….)Free of charge
Funds transfer (Single)FRW 1,000
Funds transfer (Bulk)FRW 2,500 up to 25 beneficiaries
Funds transfer (Bulk)Above 25 beneficiaries, FRW 100/each
Account balance inquiry Free of charge
Cheque book requestFRW 3,400 (24 pages) or FRW 7,200 (48 pages) 
E-Alert for debit/Credit transactionsFree of charge
Tax paymentFree of charge
Daily and past exchange ratesFree of charge
Utility bill paymentsFree of charge
Transfer (Single &Bulk) to mobile moneyFree of charge
Mortgage loan facility (purchase or construction) at 15 years with a possibility to increase to 20 years

15% interest rate per annum 
Savings account
TEGANYA- Ordinary Savings AccountRemunerated up to 5% per annum 
IYUBAKIRE- Mortgage Savings AccountRemunerated up to 9.5% per annum 
SHOBORA- Project Savings AccountRemunerated up to 9.5% per annum 
NTEGANYIRIZA MINUZE – Educational Savings AccountRemunerated up to 5.5% per annum