Home Equity Release

home Home Equity Release

Unlock the Value of Your House

Home Equity Release is a secured medium to long-term loan designed to suit personal
needs ranging from consumption to investment. This loan is solely designed for
customers who have a previous mortgage loan that they have been paying off in
installments or with a free mortgage. The equity loan to be obtained will be determined
by the paid value and current market value of your home, allowing you to access funds
to finance your plans.

Why this Loan?

  • Secured Loan
  • Lower-cost financing
  • Flexible amortization schedule
  • Quick access to equity (cash)
  • Satisfaction of your financial needs
  • There are no pre-payment charges
  • There are top-up options
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Access to a Cogebanque credit card
  • The repayment period is up to 10 years
  • Advisory is available for the intended investment.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Monthly revenue statements from salaries or rentals for the previous three months for salary earners, pensioners, and other individuals.
  • To cover the monthly payback amount + interest, you must have up to 50% of your monthly household income available.
  • Accept giving the bank the house as collateral for the duration of the loan.
  • Household income (client and spouse salaries + any additional income) must be deposited in a joint account at Cogebanque.
  • Retail traders’ applications will include a one-year bank statement and tax returns.


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