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Aim for convenience with SchoolGEAR

SchoolGEAR is a revolutionary web-based school management platform with capabilities
including, but not limited to, student recruitment, evaluation & assessments, easing the
processing of school fees and tuition payments, attendance, staff management, statistics,
student behaviors, timetable, and library & asset management.

You will enjoy:

  • Consolidated vital data in one platform
  • Facilitated communication
  • Handy record tracking
  • Real-time monitoring of paid and unpaid tuition and school fees (fees management)
  • Availability of accurate and quick reports
  • No more queues at the bank
  • No more queues at schools
  • Parents have portal access
  • No more issues with lost bank slips
  • Smooth start-of-school processes
  • Less money and time consuming
  • Management of overall school operations
  • Simple and safe various payment methods
  • Competitive pricing

Eligible to:

  • Individuals: Students /Parents/Guardians
  • Companies/Partners: Schools, universities, technical institutes, etc


Schools/Universities, Parents, and Students will access it via the

PAYEE use methods of payment such as:

  • COGEBANQUE tellers
  • COGEBANQUE agents
  • MTN Mobile Money (Dial *700#)

SchoolGEAR can be further customized to meet the needs and requirements of your school.