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Arlette RWAKAZINA is currently General Manager Cybersecurity and Strategic Integrations at Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority – RURA in charge of Cybersecurity within the utilities RURA is regulating as well as emerging and innovative technologies and Big Data.

She previously worked at ERICSSON as Senior Business Technical Analyst – Mobile Financial Services among her duties were to ensure a well operating and complaint Mobile Money System. She was also part of solution architects pool team in charge of Mobile Money Projects in Sub Sahara Region.

She holds Masters of Science in Communications, Control and Digital Signal Processing from University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom. She holds various Certificates among others Certificate in Regulation in Digital Finance (2019), Certificate in Digital Money (2018) Cybersecurity in Digital Finance (2020) and finally she is currently working on final paper to be Chartered Digital Finance Practitioner/Digital Frontier Institute/Tufts University.